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Road to certification
We are in the process of obtaining the CMMi certification to improve our processes and provide more quality to our clients.
Dr. Santos Sepúlveda No. 130
Col. Los Doctores C.P. 64710
Monterrey, N.L., México.
+52 (81) 8343.4388
+52 (81) 8343.4399
Toll Free (From USA).


In the Insurance area, we have extensive experience in software development that generates greater competitiveness in emission management, printing, delivery and collection of insurance policies, optimizing control and conciliation management of accounts among all parties involved in the business.

We facilitate the administration of the marketing chain and implementation of the sales strategy enabling cross-selling of the company's products. Emission, billing, printing, logistics delivery and renovation of all types of insurance and / or policy through real or virtual outlets processes are managed through the platform.