In the competitive and globalized world there are many companies that will help you meet your technology needs one way or the other, the difference is in the degree of knowledge and expertise of your needs and the appropriate technological means for your field.

Road to certification
We are in the process of obtaining the CMMi certification to improve our processes and provide more quality to our clients.
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Technology Innovation

Technology is not the only factor that determines the competitiveness. In today’s widespread criteria that among all things that can change the rules of competition, a technological change is the most prominent. The competitive advantages today derive from scientific knowledge converted into technology.
Economic revival and the country's development in the current global context present us with the need to assess how the processes of Technological Innovation Management allow the creation of productive capacities, and especially technologies in the business and national environment.



In the current environment, the company is obliged to develop human resources, information systems and technological capabilities in line with the new challenges. Hence the importance of the innovation process, as this involves the renovation and expansion process, products y services, organizational changes and changes in management and human capital skills.
Innovation aims to exploit the opportunities offered by changes, forcing it to be crucial in creating a culture of innovation enabling the company to be able to adapt to new situations and demands of the market in which it competes.
The innovative character is based on the complexity of the process of technological research and alterations of the unpredictable nature that move the market and competition itself.
TotalTech has an innovative attitude because it is one way to act with the ability to develop values and attitudes that inspire us ideas and changes involving improvements in the efficiency.
Here are some of our major success stories in developing custom applications, implementation of specific solutions and business process outsourcing services.